About us
Jiangsu Huaxin Tech Autoparts Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, specializing in the production of Fluorine Plastics,Hydraulic Seals, Nylon, Rubber products.
Innovative company, adhere to the R & D, has long-term research cooperation with the PLA University of Science, research and development of the industry's leading sealing technology, has been recognized by the customers; Enterprise technology research cooperation with Jiangsu University Materials Science had been greatly enhanced. The Company products by virtue of the excellent the characteristics of and high-quality, in the industry of the automobile, petroleum chemical industry, semiconductor, electric power, machinery, etc. is widely used. Company for many years, adhere to the corporate philosophy of Innovation, Quality, Integrity.

     PTFE Sheet
     PTFE sleeves
     PTFE Rods
     PTFE Films
     PTFE Processed Products

     Nylon Sheet
     Nylon Pipe
     Nylon Rods

     Oil Seal
     O Ring Seal
     Flourine Seal

     Clutch Washer
     Clutch Bushing
     Seat belt latch

     POM Rods
     POM Sheet

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