Nylon Pipe
<1> The application of MC nylon

MC nylon uses widely in the project plastic at now, particularly in the machine aspect for reducing bearing whetting aterial to replace alloy and copper material .  
1,The machine strength is high, the tenacity is big, the bearing to whet is good, the fusion point is high, and bear the oil, bear the eclipse, bear the water.  
2,The size stability is good, can lubricant itself and is not restricted by its size.  
3,The cost is low, the life span is long, and the cost is only for metals’s 50%-70%, life span is general longer 2-3 times than metal’s.The use of MC nylon is very wide, such as turbine, wheel gear, silk pole etc on the machine, the bush of crusher on the  
<2> Phisical Property
Item Unit (MC) Casting nylon
Tensile strength Kgf/cm2 916-890(900)
Bending strength Kgf/cm2 1586-1547(1550)
Compression strength Kgf/cm2 1068-1400(1115)
Shear strength   740-810
Impact(No notch) 520-624(145)
Hardness RH R-ST.BH R110-120M91-M88
Elongation ratio % 10~30
Expansion elastic modulus Kgf/cm2 40x103
Bending elastic modulus oC 40x103
Fusion point   223-225oC
Density g/cm3 1.15-1.16
Saturation mean molecular weight in 24h % 0.9
Matin heatproof oC 67-74oC
liner expansion coefficient X105/oC 8.3-7.6
Specific heat volume Kcal/kg.oC 150-190
Coefficient of thernal conductivity Kcal/m.h.oC 0.28-0.29
Sparking voltage Kv/mm 15-23.6
Volume resistivity Qu-cm 3.4
Electrolytic constant loss 150Hz lower than 10.6 4.5x10-3
Electrolitic loss 150Hz 1.5-2.0x10-3

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