Nylon Rods
the dint, bear the oil, anti- earthquake etc. characteristics. It is applicable to manufacture the spare parts of bearing whetting the dint, the construction piece of spreading to move, the spare parts of home appliances, the spare parts of car’s manufacturing, the spare parts of spinning’s machine, the chemical engineering equipments, the spare parts of insulating electric appliances. Such as the turbine, wheel gear, bearings, leaf's round, leaf's slice, silk pole, high pressure washer, completely seal washer, nut, shuttle, sleeve and bush linker. This product uses widely, therefore it’s good material on behalf the steels.  

     PTFE Sheet
     PTFE sleeves
     PTFE Rods
     PTFE Films
     PTFE Processed Products

     Nylon Sheet
     Nylon Pipe
     Nylon Rods

     Oil Seal
     O Ring Seal
     Flourine Seal

     Clutch Washer
     Clutch Bushing
     Seat belt latch

     POM Rods
     POM Sheet

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