Flourine Seal
Flourine Seal

The choice of filled PTFE resin molded products in order to improve certain properties of the product will be suspended PTFE resin mixed a variety of fillers, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, graphite,MoS2. Compared with the many advantages of a high compressive strength, more wear and enhance thermal conductivity and reduce thermal expansion of PTFE filled with pure PTFE.

Main Performance

Creep resistance, chemical resistant, low friction coefficient, low wear, rigid toughness, resistance to the climate good performance


Dynamic gaskets, valve seats, seals, bearings, slider, piston rings

Technical indicators


Filling ratio Graphite
Glass Fiber
Carton Fiber
Glass Fiber(15%)
Tensile strength (Mpa) 21.6~13.2 25.5~18.5 26.0~16.7 21.6
Elongation (%) 325~155 330~280 270~30 320(335)
Compressive strength (Mpa) 10.2~10.5 7.7~8.6 9.3~11.3 10.2
Hardness(d) 53~65 53~65 55~75 58~68
Density (g/ cm 3) 2.16~2.13 2.22~2.26 2.09~1.94 2.29

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