Carbon fiber packing
Carbon fiber packing imported carbon fiber as the main material, weaving molding, dipping Zhunna Mi grade graphite or PTFE and special lubricants, Carbon fiber packing with high pressure resistance, good thermal conductivity, good chemical stability and wear-resistant characteristics.outstanding and excellent sealing performance. 
Apply to a higher line speed rotary pumps, reciprocating pumps, centrifugal pumps, mixers, blenders and stern gland also can be used for valves, kettle for packing seal.
Oil equipment, chemicals, fertilizer, power generation, shipbuilding and other recommended
Mineral oil, weak acid, salt solution, water, salt water, industrial wastewater
Product Specification: 3 * 3mm - 50 * 50mm; special specifications or various non-standard products according to customer requirements to develop. 

Specific Index
  rotary pump reciprocating pump valve pump
Temperature -50 degrees -650 degrees
Pressure 25bar 100bar 200bar
Line speed 0-20 m/s
PH value of 1-13

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