PTFE Packing

Oil-free PTFE packing, also known as oil-free pure PTFE packing, the packing Pure PTFE fiber woven, PTFE emulsion and lubricating grease processing. Woven solid with flexible adjustable shaft, stuffing box is good with excellent corrosion resistance, good lubricity and anti-paste, PTFE packing is recommended for use in chemical, food, and so does not allow polluting operation where all chemicals can also be used in addition to the soluble alkali metal other than the occasions. 

Pumps, valves, flanges.

Food industry, medicine, papermaking, chemical fiber, fine chemicals, does not allow the operation of the pollution occasions.

Suitable for all media outside of the molten alkali metal and the free fluoride ion in the Department.

Product Specification: 3 * 3mm - 50 * 50mm; special specifications or various non-standard products according to customer requirements to develop.

Specific Index

  pump reciprocating pump valve
Temperature -150度-260度
Pressure 25bar 100bar 300bar
Line speed 0-12 m/s
PH value of 1-14

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