POM Rods
POM is a versatile engineering thermoplastics with excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, wear resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, in particular, outstanding fatigue resistance. And good self-lubricity, is an alternative to metal, especially copper and aluminum, zinc and other nonferrous metal and alloy products is the ideal engineering plastics, widely used in electronics, electrical, automobile, light industry, machinery, chemicals, building materials and other fields.POM formaldehyde as raw materials, according to the synthesis process can be divided into polyoxymethylene and acetal copolymer two categories.  

Property Unit  POM
Copolymerization  Homopolymer 
Density g/cm3 1.425 1.41
Moisture  % 0.25 0.22
Tensile MPa 68.6 60.37
Elongation ratio % Inject15 Press75 60-75
Bending strength MPa 96.04 89.18
Compression strength  MPa 123.48 109.76
Impact KJ/m Inject7.6 Press12.5 6.5-7.6
Hardness ( RH) (M94,R120) (M78-80)
Temperaure of thermal deformation C 0.45MPa 170 158
Dielectric Strength(3.2mm) Kv/mm 18.6 19.7
Strong-acid influence Corrode 
Alkali influence Some resistance 
Organic solvent Fine 

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