Nylon Processed Products

The advantage of using the MC nylon for dieblock as followings

Gear, wormwheel
The advantage of the MC nylon using for gear is light weight, bearing tired, absorbing to pound at, good lubricity. For the parts fearing to be denigrated by the lubricant or not usually adding the lubricant , it is most suitable to use the MC nylon, and it is not harm to the wheel gear or linker pieces, its noise is small, it has a good result to use in the spinning, deckle, printing, etc industry application

The material’s life of the MC nylon is longer than other material’s, and it is easily to process, the times of putting into gas is little, and it is not gastight, not rust, and the dirty oil and rust is not to blot the res.

It is very convenient to pack and unload. The result proved that it is better bearing to whit using the MC nylon material than using the alloy and copper material’s bush.


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